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This is our official blog site for the latest happenings while you are in Mexico on a missions trip. Our staff will post blogs from Mexico to keep you, your family, and church friends informed while you are participating with us. You'll see links to current media as well. 


All Team Leader Meeting, on Tuesday Oct 25 Login to comment

Wednesday, October 26 2011 07:12:24 PM

Last night we had another all team leader meeting, which started with an amazing time of worship. To see everyone singing in unison "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty" was a moment of delight and felicity. Watching 50 students praise God's name is a moment of true joy. After the time of worship we discussed the topic of prayer. Two of our student Ministry Advisors gave a quick devotional.

The first one talked about prayer overall, the importance of it, and how sometimes it is required to pray alone in order to have that one-on-one conversation with God. At the end of this session all the leaders were challenged to pray for unity amongst themselves and their co-leaders, their team, and for hearts to be open to God's will and purpose. The session closed by everyone reciting the Lord's Prayer.

In the next session, the topic of spiritual warfare was discussed. In which the armor of God was reviewed in order to ensure that we are prepared and guarded at all times against the enemy's atrocities. We were instructed to pray and remember that it is God's battle and He will fight for us and redeem us.

The meeting ended by all the teams separating to their assigned MA groups in which fundraising envelopes were given out to the leaders, and the leaders had a follow-up about their current status with recruitment, and self-care. Some groups finished by praying for each other and then everyone dismissed as they finished praying.
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