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These are resources to help you with communicating in spanish while in Mexico. Most of the entries and links are to free pdf files and other free web sites. 


OSHA Construction terms Login to comment

Monday, February 21 2011 07:07:53 PM

Are you doing construction on your missions trip? 
Download the osha construction terms pdf file, which is a list of all the professional construction terms translated from english into spanish.  

This pdf is great when you need to share a more detailed construction term with someone. It's also great for when you are in a hardware store or at a job site talking with construction professionals. 
This is a spanish phrase book and dictionary by Jeremy Schuff that fits in your pocket while you travel. It's geared for short-term missionaries and has a listed price of $3.99, with a discounted price at $3.49. The website is or go to Amazon.
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