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These are great ideas for raising funds for your short-term missions trip. There are free pdfs and links to web sites. 


Pie in the Face! Login to comment

Wednesday, November 28 2012 07:16:49 PM

$4,000 was raised with only 20 pies thrown! How did we do it? Well, some would say that university students have pent up energy especially toward their professors, administrators and friends. 
Here are some of the key factors that made this event so successful.
1. A key professor surprised us and added that if there was at least $1,000 pledged before the event to toss a pie in his face he'd participate. Well, word got out virally and many pooled their money. $1,500 was pledged for that one professor when the day finally came. The tip: Find a key person whom your church or group would never expect to participate, but everyone would enjoy seeing a pie in the face.
2. Many want to pie their friends and will pledge money to be the one to throw the pie. Some came to the event not thinking they would have a pie thrown at them for a donation. Tip: Warn everyone that all who come to the event can be pledged to have a pie tossed at them for a good cause. 

The event discussed was held by students in the fall of 2012 at APU.

I Won't Watch Login to comment

Wednesday, November 14 2012 03:32:45 PM

What makes I Won’t Watch different, is that we empower our community to change the world with us. We allow everyday people, organizations and even rock bands change the world and fund raise for their cause using our watches.

Qualified Organizations (you) can sell our watches by purchasing them at a bulk rate, and re-selling them for a set price that allows them to make up to $10 for every watch they sell. We also offer a generous 20% order buy-back policy, and give campaign management to make sure they always have enough watches. The process is quick, Fill out this simple form, we will give you an exclusive one time code, and order straight from the store.
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Another fundraiser website Login to comment

Thursday, March 10 2011 12:59:00 PM

Here is the link:

Be careful with this one. Most of these are product sales, where the company makes money on your purchase of their chocolate or candles, etc. You might be supporting a company that you don't agree with, so do your homework so everyone is happy in the end.

Remember the rule of fundraising: "Don't lose money on a fundraiser." 

Big List of Free Online Fundraiser Ideas Login to comment

Thursday, March 10 2011 12:52:31 PM

Here is the link:

Here is a very large list of fundraiser ideas.
Be careful. Not every fundraiser is going to make you money.
If you've tried some of these, let us know which ones are the more effective fundraisers. 

Remember the rule of fundraiser, "Don't lose money on a fundraiser."

Collect Used Cell Phones Login to comment

Thursday, March 10 2011 12:13:05 PM

Get Green to Get Green has a great fundraiser idea. Here is the link:

Here is what Get Green to Get Green offers:

We pay you to recycle used cell phones.
We send you or the students collection boxes to collect used cell phones.
When a box is filled you use the pre-paid shipping label provided by us to send the box back to us.
We sort the phones and inventory them.
We send the check back to you.
We will take any phone regardless the condition or age.

Get Green is a Christian owned and operated company that desires to help you accomplish your goals for ministry.
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